Monday, November 5, 2012

Augustine-that perverted philosopher-PartI

Augustine should rank as one of the most immoral of moralists and a rank misanthrope.

At least that fool rails against astrology.
His perverted mind rails against sex as do today's theocons without any facts and with the tastes and whims of those who just made up the immoral code of the Bible. He would have people murdered at the stake for not following his tastes and whims and for having different beliefs.
     Akin to those Republican theocons, he maintains that a raped woman should not enjoy being raped! How stupid? Only a very disturbed woman would so do, if ever even that. And we would have to have pity for the woman anyway. Oh, he allows that raped women could still be considered virgins if that were what they were.

 But virginity merits no moral badge!Why, the fool expects men not to enjoy passion in sex, which is only for procreation. That is the attitude of the Vatican, that repository of inhumanity.


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