Sunday, November 11, 2012


               Augustine was,despite errantists quotation of his wondering about Genesis, a literalist as he believed in the six-day creation and the myth of Eden: he believes in original sin- that original blasphmeny of humanity.
               Had Adam not sinned, then we all could have sex without lust! Yes, he was the perfervid,petulant pervert against sex! What twaddle!
           " The sexual act, therefore, seems inconsistent with a perfectly virtuous life.^
              He condemns judicial torture but delights in setting people on fire for apostasy!
              The Deity divides us as the saved and the reprobate, yes,arbirtrarity, but none should complain as all deserve Hell! No, that betrays morality!
               The damned will burn forever!
               That bespeaks savagery! Quite contemptible
                Such is that Pauline doctrine of predestination that that lover of hate Calvin loved.
                Such portrays Yahweh as why one ought to treat Him, as being in line with what the Tanakh and the Testament teaches!
                Therefore, with Lord Russell, I objurgate him and find Lord Russell a great philosopher, whilst he serves as the fountainhead of bigotry and despotism!  
     Russsell  " A History of Western  Philosophy"

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