Sunday, November 11, 2012


               Augustine was,despite errantists quotation of his wondering about Genesis, a literalist as he believed in the six-day creation and the myth of Eden: he believes in original sin- that original blasphmeny of humanity.
               Had Adam not sinned, then we all could have sex without lust! Yes, he was the perfervid,petulant pervert against sex! What twaddle!
           " The sexual act, therefore, seems inconsistent with a perfectly virtuous life.^
              He condemns judicial torture but delights in setting people on fire for apostasy!
              The Deity divides us as the saved and the reprobate, yes,arbirtrarity, but none should complain as all deserve Hell! No, that betrays morality!
               The damned will burn forever!
               That bespeaks savagery! Quite contemptible
                Such is that Pauline doctrine of predestination that that lover of hate Calvin loved.
                Such portrays Yahweh as why one ought to treat Him, as being in line with what the Tanakh and the Testament teaches!
                Therefore, with Lord Russell, I objurgate him and find Lord Russell a great philosopher, whilst he serves as the fountainhead of bigotry and despotism!  
     Russsell  " A History of Western  Philosophy"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Augustine-that perverted philosopher-PartI

Augustine should rank as one of the most immoral of moralists and a rank misanthrope.

At least that fool rails against astrology.
His perverted mind rails against sex as do today's theocons without any facts and with the tastes and whims of those who just made up the immoral code of the Bible. He would have people murdered at the stake for not following his tastes and whims and for having different beliefs.
     Akin to those Republican theocons, he maintains that a raped woman should not enjoy being raped! How stupid? Only a very disturbed woman would so do, if ever even that. And we would have to have pity for the woman anyway. Oh, he allows that raped women could still be considered virgins if that were what they were.

 But virginity merits no moral badge!Why, the fool expects men not to enjoy passion in sex, which is only for procreation. That is the attitude of the Vatican, that repository of inhumanity.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lord Russell against apologetics

         Lord Russell notes^ that: " It is strange that the last men of intellectual eminence before the dark ages were concerned with, not with saving civilization or expelling the  barbarians or reforming the abuses of the administration but with preaching the  merits of virginity and the damnation of unbaptized infants. Seeing that these were the preoccupations that the Church handed over to the converted  barbarians it is no wonder that he succeeding age surpassed almost all other fully historical periods in cruelty and superstition."

            Today, we discern that the more industrialize, less religious nations have fewer social problems. That very stress about virginity is quite misplaced,yet today's theocons here in America so stress virginity but to what avail when their girls become pregnant and have more sexual-transmitted diseases than girls who receive real sex education. Those who prattle about virginity and immoral sex just are reactionaries out of touch with sexual knowledge and practices. They ever wish to  legislate against us LBGT people and otherwise disturb what is truly moral!
          That I am a bisexual is my business. No theocon has any right to diminish my moral right in this matter.
           I also think that we should legalize prostitution and adult consensual incest. Laws already exist as to crimes connected to the former, and as far as children, the same  results occur with non-relatives who have defective genes, so let's not practice that double standard.
           Russell rightly aims at those supercilious moralists! And would not that today's concern themselves with pontificating without knowledge about sexual morality, but overlook how to alleviate poverty and other social problems!   

            We ever need to try to alleviate real problems instead of magnifiying other supposed ones. Yes, underage pregnancy and diseased youth calls out for problem-solving but not by what those theocons propose.  

             Less cruelty and other immoral practices occur today than in the  Ages of Faith as Richard Carrier and Steven Pinker expatiate.
    Lord Bertrand William Arthur Russell      "  History of Western Philosophy."